Ski in the morning, swim in the afternoon

 Snowy panoramaThe Pelion is famous for its wonderful winter weather. Mount Pelion itself is high – some 1,500 m – and there is a ski resort at the top.  In the mountain villages, a metre of more of snow is not unusual

The sheltered waters of the Pagasitic, on the other hand, are protected from the worst of the winter weather, and remain warm enough to swim in throughout the winter – giving rise to the boast locally that you can, “ski in the morning, swim in the afternoon.”

It’s the middle of the olive harvest right now, so it’s all hands on deck during daylight hours – or rather, forget the deck, and work on land!

On Wednesday, I didn’t manage to get down to the beach for my swim until 6 o’clock. The sea was inky black, the moon already up and the first stars beginning to show as the last flickers of gold in the sky died behind snow-covered mountains. As I swam, phosphorescence streamed off my fingers creating trails of sparks in the dark winter waters. Magical.

Eclipse Sailing

Eclipse Sailing is run by owner managers Charlotte Glascock (English) and Marios Karabinis (Greek). We offer a unique sailing experience on a classic wooden sailing yacht in the Greek islands. Short sailing trips, group holidays, skipper charter. Honeymoons a speciality.

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