Cruise Ship Special from Volos

Nereida Classic Sailing yacht, sailing from VolosA Taste of the Pelion

A special trip designed for passengers on the major cruise liners. We leave from Volos and get you back in time for your scheduled departure in the afternoon.


jacuzziLeaving Volos, we sail down the coast past the beautiful fishing villages of the Pelion to the beautiful bay where fresh water springs bubble into the sea, forming natural jacuzzis.


Here we stop for swimming and lunch and a chance to sample local specialites  – the famous tsipouro liqueur; spoon sweets and rose petal preserve.Colourful fishing boats, Volos, Greece






This trip is fully compatible with sailing schedules of Princess Cruises, Costa Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Cunard, Silversea and Voyages to Antiquity . Only 10 places available.

Prices €80 per head, including a full lunch with wine on board.nereida lunch

Discounts may be available for children under 10, according to how full we are.

Pre-booking essential. Email or phone 0030 6985028668


Tsipouro is a traditional distilled liqueur made from grapes.

tsipouro distillationThe grapes are harvested in early autumn and fermented. Tsipouro is made from the solid deposit of grapes after the liquid had been separated out for wine-making. This grape mush is known as “stamfyla” or “tsipoura”, hence the name Tsipouro given to the drink.

The stamfyla is put into a cauldron with some of the brewing liquid, water and a mixture of spices. Each tsipouro producer has their own secret spice mix but you can be sure that anise will be in there somewhere. The mixture is slowly heated to begin the distillation process. Alcoholic steam passes through the lid of the cauldron and in to a D-shaped pipe inside a tank of cold water, where it is cooled to liquefy the steam. At the end of this first distillation, the tsipouro is quite rough, and a second distillation, this time without the “stamfyla” is needed to get the smooth, full-bodied liqueur that is so popular is this area.


tsipouro minaturesNo celebration in the Pelion is complete without plenty of tsipouro. Many of the mountain families still have home distillation licences, which are guarded jealously, along with the secret family recipe. Although tsipouro is produced commercially and packed up in posh bottles, in the villages it is most often served out of an unlabelled plastic water or lemonade bottle. The clear liquid looks just like water – so be careful at a Pelion party before you pour yourself a large glass of something. You may be in for an alcoholic surprise!

Pelion party traditional greek dancing

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