General information

What’s included in the price.

Nereida classic sailing yacht


Sail & Shore Holidays

Price includes: Accommodation, breakfast and lunch on board. See our standard Terms & Conditions

Boat trips

Price includes a light lunch on board. Does not include transport to the start point of the trip.

Where are we?

Private day charter

By arrangement. (The most common variation is to omit lunch on board and to sail to somewhere with a restaurant)

Skipper charter holidays

We work under the CYBA contract

What’s not included

Transport to and from Greece, and as far as Volos.



The sea is a natural environment and must be treated with respect. Published routes and programmes are for guidance only and may be changed at any time at the captain’s discretion.

Terms and conditions


What’s the weather like in Greece?

This is probably the question we get asked more than any other. Greece probably has the best climate in the world but that doesn’t mean that it never rains – that’s reserved for the Sahara.

Spring starts in early February and by March the weather is generally warm and sunny but breezy. Spring flowers are at their best from March to May. The sea is quite cold at this time of year. The Pagasitic (the area round the Pelion) is warm enough for swimming year round – The Aegean is noticeably colder.Spring flowers Pelion Greece

Temperatures slowly rise to an August average around 38C, with cooler evenings in the islands. The sea temperature at this time of year is in the high 20’s.

September and October are cooler – temperatures in the high 20’s- lower 30’s with the occasional rain day. The sea remains warm throughout the autumn.

What to bring on a sailing cruise.

Please travel light as there is limited storage space on the boat. Please, no suitcases – they take up huge amounts of space. Bring sport-type bags which squash down easily.

You will need:

Shorts and t-shirts. A light long-sleeved shirt and long trousers are useful protection against the sun.

A sun hat and sun glasses.

A sweat shirt/light jumper.

In spring and autumn you will want a windproof jacket.

No shoes allowed on the boat. Flip flops are useful as you can slip them on and off easily.  You don’t need waterproof shoes.

Swimming things.

Sunscreen. We also recommend getting a lip sunscreen.

Prescription medicines.

drowned_mobileWe do not recommend you bring laptops, kindles etc. Electronics and the sea don’t go well together. If you absolutely must stay connected, please note that you cannot recharge on the boat so you will have to wait until evening. You may need a continental plug adaptor.


Stuff that falls in the sea goes straight to the bottom in seconds. This includes valuable items, such as mobile phones, watches, designer sunglasses and cameras. If you decide to bring such items with you please make sure they are properly insured. Hats and sunglasses are lost overboard almost every time we sail – you might like to get yourself a string that goes round your neck.

Getting to Volos

Airports: Volos 60 mins by car; Thessaloniki 2.5 hrs by car; Athens 4 hrs by car. Skiathos (1.5 hrs by ferry). Good bus and train links to Athens and Thessaloniki.

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