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Mountain biking, Pelion

Transport information

(Sadly, useful only if you read Greek!)

 Bus timetables – All over Pelion, also to Volos from Athens & Thessaloniki

Train timetables – To Volos from Athens & Thessaloniki. A highly temperamental site, but worth a look if you have a spare hour and a lot of patience


Other more foreigner-friendly transport information:

 Ferries – From the Sporades to Volos.

 Thessaloniki airport car hire



Some personal favourites:

Athens – Hotel Art Gallery – In a quiet residential area just under the Acropolis. A home-from-home for cat-lovers.

Thessaloniki – Hotel Orestias Kasorias – Over-looking the ancient forum, one of the few hotels in Thessaloniki that isn’t on a noisy boulevard.

Vergina – Ktima Kalaitzis. Up-market hotel in its own vineyard about a mile from the World Heritage Site. This place is worth staying in just for the bathrooms!


Pelion Information, accommodation etc

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