Nereida Honeymoons

Sailing yacht at sunset AegeanThe Big Day is over; the rushing around has stopped; the elderly relatives have gone back home and now all you want is a bit of peace and quiet and some time together.

Imagine days in the Honeymoon couple GreeceGreek sunshine; the wind in the sails; the lapping of water against the prow; a glass of wine in your hand; a stop in a deserted cove for swimming, and watching the sun go down over a tranquil sea. A honeymoon sailing cruise on Nereida is the most romantic way to start your new life together.


Nereida’s home port is Volos. A lively university town at the head of the Pagasitic Gulf. For your first night, you can stay here, in a nearby seaside resort, such as Kala Nera or for something a little different why not go to the mountain village of Makrynitsa? – the so-called “Balcony of the Pelion”, with its panoramic views across the Pagasitic Gulf to the high Pindos Mountains beyond.





From Volos, sail around the beautiful Pagasitic Gulf, maybe stopping at Milina and Justini for a swim before going on to the islet of Trikeri.

The Sporades

Leaving the Pagasitic Gulf, we can head for the Sporades Islands, so called because they are like a scattering of seeds in the Aegean sea. Each island has its own distinct character. Lively Skiathos, where you can dance the night away. Green and tranquil couple_skiathos_townSkopelos, where the movie Mamma Mia was filmed, and unspoilt Alonnisos, which is set in the largest marine reserve in Europe, famous for its seals and turtles.




The large island of Evia stretches all the way from Athens north to form the cork in the bottle neck of the Pagasitic Gulf. The Athens end, as you would expect, is a favourite destination for city-dwellers wanting a weekend escape from the capital. The northern end, remote and beautiful, is quite different. Visit the picturesque fishing village of Oreoi, famous for its bird life, and the ancient spa town of Aidipsos, where hot mineral springs bubble into the sea.


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