Sail & Shore Holidays

Small Group Sailing Holidays

Ready-to-sail yachting holidays for up to ten people


nereida sailing yachtReady-to sail cruises with a relaxed programme of sailing during the day, with plenty of time for a bit of exploration, swimming or snorkelling. Overnight accommodation on-shore in small fishing villages, lively harbour towns and even an ancient monastery give you a chance to “do your own thing” and get a feel for the region.

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Sailing holiday destinations

Villages & Islands of the Pelion.

We offer three Greek island cruises at different times during the spring, summer and autumn, sailing from Kala Nera and Volos, Pelion. All our sailing holidays visit the sea-side villages and islands of this beautiful and largely undiscovered part of Greece. Almost unknown to foreign tourists, the Pelion is one of Greece’s best-kept secrets. The pace of life is slower and you get a chance to become one of the locals.

The Pagasitic Gulf & Trikeri Island

We cruise the sheltered waters of the Pagasitic Gulf, which is almost entirely enclosed by land – the Pelion Peninsula one side, the Greek mainland on the other, and the island of Evia at its mouth. Its waters remain warm enough for swimming even in winter, making it a perfect destination for an out-of-season holiday. All cruises visit the tiny island of Trikeri, which has only about 20 inhabitants and no cars.

Greek island-hopping.

When we leave the Pagasitic we sail either east, island-hopping through the Sporades islands – Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, or south, exploring the spectacular coast of the island of Evia.

Sunrise over the sea

What is a Sail and Shore Holiday?

Sleeping on board a boat isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. For the non-purist who loves the idea of sailing but also likes the idea of a private bathroom and unlimited hot water at the end of the day, we offer the perfect compromise – Sail and Shore. Sail during the day and sleep ashore at night. You have the chance to explore a bit more of the region, try the local restaurants and the next day we will whisk you ( or slowly glide you, according to the wind conditions) off to another beautiful destination.

Menus on board

Our menus made with the freshest local produce to give you a taste of the region with maybe a hint of the familiar, with an emphasis on quality and simplicity. We fry only in home-produced Single Estate Extra Virgin olive oil; eggs are free range organic, and we also have a wicked line in wild boar bacon! There is fishing gear on board, so fresh fish is always a possibility.

Classic sailing yacht


Springs and Spas

Pelion, Pagasitic Gulf, the Aegean & Evia.


Sail & Shore Cruise Holiday

1 week

 A sailing cruise round the fishing villages and islands of the Pelion and the Northern Aegean. We sail to Trikeri island where we stay in an ancient monastery, and to Evia where we have a chance to take the waters in an ancient Roman spa.


Seeds in the Wind

Pelion, Aegean and the Sporades Islands

loggerhead_turtleSail & Shore Cruise Holiday.

The Sporades Islands, strung out in the Aegean like a handful of seeds thrown in the wind, offer wonderful varied destinations: lively Skiathos with its zinging nightlife; picturesque Skopelos, made famous by the film Mamma Mia, and unspoilt Alonnisos where the crystal seas of the National Marine Park are home to an number of endangered species.


A Pattern of Islands

Pelion, Northern Sporades, Skyros & Evianational_marine_park_sporades

Sail & Shore Cruise Holiday


Our top of the range sailing cruise, for private charter only, we sail around the beautiful Sporades islands, and visit distant and undiscovered Skyros, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Starting from the Pelion, going via the historic monastery on Trikeri island in the Pagasitic Gulf, we sail to the Sporades islands, Skiathos, and Alonnisos National Marine Park, allowing time to explore some of the uninhabited and more remote islands of this beautiful Aegean archipelago. We then sail to the lovely island of Skyros with its spectacular hilltop village finally returning via the islands of Skopelos and Evia.


Spetses Classic Yacht Race

A cruise around the Saronic and Cyclades Islands

Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Milos, Sifnos, Paros Mykonos

PLUS Participating in the Spetses Classic Yacht Race

The most beautiful classic sailing boats in the Spetses Classic Yacht Race

13 Days

Available as Private Charter only

A sailing cruise in a classic yacht around some of the most beautiful of the Greek islands. The highlight of our trip is taking part in the Spetses Classic yacht Race, where traditional sailing boats from all over Greece compete over three days round the island of Spetses.


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