Swimming Alonissos Sporades GreeceBeautiful Alonnisos is the most distant of the Sporades islands and hence the most unspoilt. Its turquoise seas are home to the largest marine park in Europe. Look down from the boat and its crystal waters seem to go down for ever. Swimming here is an unforgettable, magical experience.



The island itself has had something of a chequeredAlonissos history in modern times. When an earthquake badly damaged the hilltop capital in 1965, the whole population were rehoused in Patitiri, on the coast, which remains the island’s main town. Alonnisos Town remained largely derelict until it was rediscovered by foreigners who started buying and doing up the historic houses, giving it rather arty, bohemian feel today.

Alonnisos National Marine Park

Mediterranean monk seal monarchus monarchus AlonissosAlonnisos National Marine Park consists of the island of Alonnisos and a further 28 smaller islands and islets. It was founded to protect the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal but many other marine species take advantage of this pristine environment.  It is home to dolphins, whales and turtles, as well as numerous fish. Elenora’s falcon nests on the high crags and is regularly seen.

The core of the park is a restricted area to protect the breeding ground of the seals. Please bear in mind, therefore that these animals are wild and are free to do their own thing, so we do not guarantee you will see them.


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