The charming village of Glyfa on the Oreoi Channel between Evia and the mainland has a beautiful  blue flag beach and a quiet sea front with restaurants.

The area is unusual for the Mediterranean in that it has a noticeable tide. This creates feeding grounds for sea birds and the area has important protected wetland habitats. 


Many species of gull, storks sometimes spoonbill can be seen. Storks particularly like nesting on electricity poles – so much so that the electricity company constructs special platforms for them to stop them shorting out the supply with their twiggy constructions.


Greek tortoise

Tortoises are common all over Greece. There are two species: Hermann’s tortoise and the Spur-thighed tortoise. The difference being that the spur-thighed tortoise has… well, spurs on its thighs.

A tortoise’s approach to life is not subtle. It doesn’t have to be when you are built like a small tank. When you hear a tortoise crashing through the undergrowth you would be forgiven for thinking the noise came from an animal at least as big as a pig.  When they are not giving themselves away by bulldozing everything in their path, tortoises are surprisingly difficult to spot – they are very well camouflaged – and you are most likely to see them early in the morning when they like sitting in the middle of the road to warm up.

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