Kala Nera

Kala Nera, which means “Fine Waters” is a small low-key resort on the Pagasitic Gulf about 20 km from Volos.







Children Swimming Kala Nera Pelion

It has a long, sandy beach and a wide range of sea front eateries; a few tourist shops for souvenirs and those last minutes purchases.





It has a small quay where we moor Nereida and where there’s also space for the local fisherman to land their catch which they sell on the sea front.

Kala Nera at sunset


The Villages of the Pelion

Fortified mansions Pinakates Pelion GreeceThe villages of the Pelion have evolved in an almost unique way.



Until Greece gained its independence from Turkey, which came quite late in this region, the coast was not considered safe. Whilst many farmers had olive groves at sea level, they actually lived high up the mountain out of reach of, and preferably out of sight from marauding pirates. These mountain mansions, or "archonitka" are fortresses in miniature. The ground floor, with no windows and huge doors that could be barricaded shut, was used for stabling animals. Muskets holes cover every entrance so that residents could take pot shots at unwelcome visitors.

The family lived on the first and second floors - but even here they took no chances - bars on the windows stopped anyone climbing in but meant that those inside could pour something nasty onto heads of people below if they got too close.

With the coming of independence in the late nineteenth century, stability came to this region and so developed the twin village lifestyle that continues to this day. In the winter months when they were working on the olive groves, farmers no longer went back up the hill at the end of the day but built themselves second homes at low altitude. And so developed a way of life that continues to this day: Farmers stay here until work on the olives is done at the end of May and then the whole family - with dogs and chickens - goes back up the hill where they have livestock and fruit trees.

 All coastal villages here have there "mother village" up the mountain. Kala Nera is the port for the villages of Vizitsa and Pinakates, which are well worth a visit. 

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