ThMilinae village of Milina overlooking its tranquil bay dotted with islands must be one of the most beautiful spots in the Pelion. There are a number of sea-front restaurants along the pebbly beach that is shaded with tamarisks. Across the bay are the islands of Atalas and Prasouda, where there is a charming deserted monastery  and ruined Byzantine churches.

Just down the coast is the famous and much photographed bay of Justini, with its picturesque group of farm houses in the ultimate spot to die for with the sea on both sides.

Jastini, Milina, Pelion, Greece

Spoon Sweets

Spoon sweets

The Pelion Peninsula is famous for its fruit trees, and in many of the shops you'll see brightly coloured jars of "spoon sweets", which are a local speciality. These are fruit preserved in heavy syrup, the different fruit giving the syrup its colour. Look out in particular for the Naranja - wild, or bitter, orange; the Visino - sour cherry - , and the rose petal. You can eat them by themselves - only a few teaspoon's full per person, as they are very sweet - or as a topping for yoghurt.

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