Pine-covered Skiathos is one of the Aegean’s prime tourist destinations, and in summer it is zinging with sun-seekers enjoying its turquoise seas and long sandy beaches. Nevertheless it still retains its Greek island charm. The main town is built on two low hills overlooking the beautiful harbour which is linked by a causeway to the islet of Bourtzi. Along the waterfront, there are lots of restaurants and bars over-looking the bay with islets in the distance.[spacer height=”20px”]

Skaithos waterfrontThe precipitous north coast, best visited by boat is spectacular, with the Kastro peninsula, its natural fortifications and fourteenth century castle were, in theory at least, a protection against pirates.




Jolly roger flagThis part of the Aegean was a by-word for pirates right up until Greek independence at the end of the nineteenth century. Perhaps the pirates most famous “victim” was Julius Caesar who was travelling to Greece to study when he was captured. The pirates, apparently, were not entirely sure whom they had got and didn’t pitch their ransom demand nearly high enough – at least in the eyes of Caesar himself, who suggested they asked double. During his captivity, Caesar got on well with the pirates but joked that he would kill them once he was released. Many a true word is spoken in jest and Caesar was indeed true to his word, eventually capturing and crucifying the lot.

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