Set between sea and mountain, Volos has the reputation for being the most beautiful city in Greece. Almost completely flattened by an earthquake in the 1950’s and rebuilt, it has a modern, airy feel, with the occasional gem of an old building tucked away amongst the new. The sea front is famous for its ouzo restaurants or “tsipouradika” where you can eat mezedes – a variety of mini portions of fish, vegetables and meat – accompanied by as much tsipouro as you can handle.

Nereida’s permanent berth is on the waterfront opposite The Bank of Greece.  ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ

Volos is a mix of ancient charm and modern sophistication. It has a theatre, a superbowl and a multi-screen cinema, but take time to explore the back streets and you’ll find craftsmen making traditional saddles for mules; carving ornate marble balconies, making bouzoukis – there’s even a sword sharpener if you happen to need one.

Jason and The Argonauts

ArgoJason and his side-kicks, the Argonauts, hailed from Volos. They were, of course pirates but mythology has made them heroes because they were "One of Us" not "One of Them".

The myth of Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece is rooted, like many myths, in reality. In ancient times, people panned for gold by leaving a sheep's fleece in fast flowing stream where gold was being washed down. Gold fragments would get caught in the wool and could be retrieved - hence the myth of a fleece made entirely of gold.

Jason's boat was the Argo - hence the name "Argonaut" - sailors of the Argo. There is a replica of the Argo on Volos sea front, and she is occasionally taken for a spin, just to prove that she was a viable form of transport. If you look at her and compare her to Nereida you will immediately notice a difference in the height of the mast. The Argo simply wouldn't have had the sail area to travel effectively by wind alone. Most of the power would have come from the oarsmen. Nereida, which is a sailing yacht has a much taller mast - and hence can carry much bigger sails. Our engine (diesel not muscle-power) is used to supplement the sails, not vice versa.

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