Our Yacht

A yacht from the old times


She  is designed by the famous American designer John G Alden in 1944 under the code name RENA CLASS 0744N.

Plans were bought from Alden Company, through Peabody Museum Massachusetts U.S. in 1975, by Nigel Halliwell . 

Construction (Iroko, for the hull and deck - mahogany, for the interior) tooke place in Cape Town and get done in 1984. 

 Her father Nigel choose this type of vessel because of the ideal water line for the ocean length of waves and because of the flexibility of sail area (two masts and baby stay).   So he believes that she was the right vessel to do transatlantic passages from South Africa to United States, from there to United Kingdom and South Africa again. His record ......... 60.000nm in five years ! 

 She came to us in 2012 and she had a respectfull restoration to stay a jewel of the sea which takes us back to time.






Technical Specifications 

Type :  Sailing yacht  {Ketch} 

Design : John.G.Alden 1944  -  Type : RENA CLASS 0744N

Year built 1984 

Buider : Nigel Halliwell  {Capetown South Africa)

Length  47 ft + bowsprit 6,5 ft

Beam  13 ft

Draft  6,7 ft

Displacement 18t  {Keel 8t}

Material : wood (iroko and mahogany)

Refit  2012.

Engine – Perkins 75 HP

Accommodation : Double cabin in the bow. Two single bunks in the saloon.Double cabin in stern.