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Corfu has plenty to offer its visitors, being one of the rare destinations that caters for all ages and tastes. This beautiful island is full of contrasts, ranging from traditional fishing villages to modern holiday resorts, coupled with an amazing wildlife, lush green hills, towering mountains, clear blue seas, pure white sands, endless olive groves and colorful wild flowers. The island of Corfu has a cosmopolitan feeling combined with a special traditional character. Apart from some wonderful beaches, Corfu Old Town is the highlight of the island, with its characteristic Venetian style.


Paxos…..Benjamin of the Ionian Islands. Paxos is colors…blue and green… a paradise that marries graphic surrounds with nobility….
The island of Paxos is mentioned by Homer and Plutarch. In Greek mythology, Poseidon created the island by striking Corfu with his trident, so that he and his wife Amphitrite could have some peace and quiet. Phoenicians are considered to be the first settlers on island Paxos. The name of the island is believed to have origin from the word “Pax”, which means slate in Phoenician language. The capital of the island – Gaios or Paxos is a very cosmopolitan city, built around a small area on the waterfront, surrounded by two islands – Panagia and Agios Nikolaos. The island is known for its “Blue Caves”, which are visited by many tourists every year. You can visit some of them by sightseeing boat. The beauty of this place is captivating… huge cliffs with darker and lighter shades and the color of the sea bottom which is beyond words!


Lefkada amazes visitors with the exotic blue colour of its beaches. Called by many “the Carribean of Greece”, this island is a very popular summer resort with many things to offer its visitors. Parties for the youths, excellent spots for windsurfers, organized watersports, quiet spots for relaxation, and plenty of sightseeing.The island is green and mountainous, connected to the mainland by a bridge. The neighbouring islands can be visited by boat, as well as the famous –but private- Scorpio, Onassis’ island. Visitors will find both sandy and pebbled beaches, some of them quiet, others more suited to people who want to have fun and party.On the western coast of the island, its beaches stand out for the wonderful colour and the impressive landscape, particularly Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma.


Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian sea, a fascinating destination, with its infinite variety of the natural surroundings. Sea, mountain, and small, green plains are harmoniously combined together.Thick forests cloak the rugged limestone landscape while its golden beaches are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The heavy winter rains make this one of the greenest and lushest of islands. Kefalonia reveals to visitors a glimpse of paradise at every turn, from the traditional village of Fiskardo to the fascinating villages of Livatho. Fiscardo is the most cosmopolitan place with a port that receives many yachts every summer. The capital and main port of Cephalonia since 1757 is Argostoli, built on the inner coast of its peninsula. Kefalonia is perhaps the only island where one can encounter such fantastic natural phenomena from the caves of Drogarati and Melissani to Katavothres (swallow-holes).


Meganisi is a beautiful little island located between Lefkada and the western coasts of the Greek mainland. Thanks to its proximity to Lefkada, Meganisi is the perfect destination for day trips from Lefkada. Untouched by international tourists, Meganisi island boasts an unique beauty, so it is perfect for relaxing holidays! The island’s beaches are secluded and unorganized. Some of them can be reached on foot while others can be accessed only by boat. Agios Ioannis, Spilia and Barbarezou are the most popular beaches of Meganisi. Vathy, where the port of Meganisi also lies, is the most picturesque village of the island. Stroll around the beach promenade in Vathy, taste the local disses of the place as well as fresh fish and a variety of other things! It is also really important noting that Meganisi can be the ideal place for peaceful and relaxing holidays.


Ithaca is a wonderful traditional Greek Island for your holiday as well. It is a place which is said to have been loved not only by the people who live there but also by all the visitors of it. One can claim that Ithacans make you feel at home. Ithaca has something for everyone. Great beaches, hikes, boating trips, scuba diving, festivals and views, traditional food,entertainment, busy bars or quiet solitude. Even in the height of Summer you can find a secluded beach or a corner to contemplate your thoughts. Every season has something special to offer. Still seas in Summer, dramatic skies in Winter. One can also let the local fisherman teach you how to fish for Calamari in October or walk the trails witha goat herder, dance the night away in Kioni, Frikes or Vathy or walk to Exoghi on a Spring day to discover the mountain top with the best view over Northern Ithaca and the mainland. Furthermore, it is important to be noted that in Ithaca there are several celebrations happening in which you can take part, have fun and meet other visitors of the island and also local people, who are really friendly as well.


Zakynthos is the most southerly of the Ionian islands. Because of its beauty, the Venetians, who ruled the island for many years, nicknamed the island “Flower of the East”.Its landscape varies, as the west is dominated by mountains, while the east features picturesque bays and fantastic beaches. The visitor here will swim in splendid sandy beaches, like the famous Shipwreck beach, one of the best and most photographed inthe world.There is also a unique chance to see endangered wildlife, like the Caretta Caretta turtles or Monk seals, while a visit to the impressive monasteries and churches with fine frescos and icons, may prove unforgettable. Its capital town is amphitheatrically built up to the hill of Bohali and has a quaint old style character.


Parga is hands down the most popular holiday destination in Epirus! Stretching around a secluded bay that faces the Ionian sea, Parga has an island ambiance. This little town has a beautiful setting! Let us set the scene: Colorful houses built on the slopes of a mountain, boasting a breathtaking view of the sea, exotic beaches with turquoise waters and natural surroundings, a wonderful natural landscape… What’s not to love about Parga Greece. The first thing that catches your eye as you approach Parga by ferry is a lush green islet with a white church at the entrance of Parga port. On the top of a hill above Parga Town sit the ruined walls of a Venetian castle, a vestige of the Venetian rule. In addition to that, if one likes exploration it would be an interesting idea to wonder around and finally realize the island’s beauty.