Eclipse Sailing Yacht

an exclusive meet of nature and luxury

She is designed by the famous American designer John G Alden in 1944 under the code name RENA CLASS 0744N.

Plans were bought from Alden Company, through Peabody Museum Massachusetts U.S. in 1975, by the British captain mr. Nigel Halliwell .

Construction (Iroko, for the hull and deck – mahogany, for the interior) tooke place in Cape Town and get done in 1984.

Her “father” Nigel choose this type of vessel because of the ideal water line for the ocean length of waves and because of the flexibility of sail area (two masts and double fore stay). So he believes that she was the right vessel to do transatlantic passages from South Africa to United States, from there to United Kingdom and back to South Africa !

His record ……… 60.000 nautical miles, in five years !!!

She came to us in 2012 and she had a respectfull restoration, to stay a jewel of the sea which takes us back to time.

1000Sq. feet Sail area
47ft Length
13ft Beam
7ft Draft


We offer you a stylish, classic and luxurious experience which derives from excellent onboard service combined with breathtaking views and of course the unforgettable feeling of moving in harmony with the wind. Our yacht’s historic character, will instantly put you in a mood for adventure while she blends naturally with the environment and provides a sense of classic style and uniqueness feeling special and different to other vessels.


Support before the trip and throughout your cruise to let you be sure
everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. Knowledge of our field paired with excellence in customer service is what distinguish Eclipse Sailing, in order to represent the optimal sailing experience. We offer our clients the comfort and pleasure of luxury personalized cruises around the beautiful Ionian islands, creating an exceptional and unforgettable enjoyment. We guarantee a superb day of sailing in a relaxed atmosphere, while taking care of all practical aspects of the trip efficiently and in response to customer needs and wishes.


  • Model : Sailing yacht – Ketch
  • Design : John.G.Alden 1944
  • Type : RENA CLASS 0744N
  • Builder : Nigel Halliwell (Capetown South Africa)
  • Year built : 1984
  • Length : 47,1 ft + bowsprit 6,5 ft
  • Beam : 13,1 ft
  • Draft : 6,8 ft
  • Displacement : 18t
  • Material : wood (iroko and mahogany)
  • Refit : 2012
  • Accommodation : Double cabin in the bow. Two single bunks in the saloon.Double cabin in stern.Single bunk in stern.


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