Paxos – Antipaxos and the Caves

Experience a Paxoi islands private cruise, on our beautiful mistress, soaking up by the brilliant colors of the sea, in its most dazzling form.

Starting our trip, at 10.30, from the extraordinary natural harbor of Gaios, heading northwest, enjoying the east coastal line of Paxos and passing outside the picturesque Loggos, we approach the small gulf of Lakka with the magnificent light house. A short stop here to offer you a salad of seasonal fruits and to let you have some refreshing swimming. Later we hoist sails, heading southeast and keeping Paxos west coast at our yachts port side,we go to find out if Erimitis is really the most impressive of islands areas, we admire nature`s amazing skulpture in caves and the spectacular gigantic rock of Ortholithos.

Feeling the harmony of interplay, between wind (in sails) and water (under the boat`s bow) into complete silence, we cross the passage between the two islands, approaching Antipaxos and during the rounding of the island, we discover nature`s small wonders, we explore the hidden bays with turquoise waters, and choose one of them to anchor for swimming and make time for our hostess to prepare your lunch, which includes, a full meal (vegetarian dishes upon request), accompanied with several side dishes and season salad as well as variety of white wines and soft drinks .

Completing the round of Antipaxos, we head northwest and as you are enjoying a nice dessert, we cross the passage once more and while sailing we past Kaltsonisi (separated by a very narrow channel from Paxos) and right after Mogonisi (picturesque natural shelter) we finish our amazing cruise, which costs 1.200e, at late afternoon, in the magical harbor of Gaios.


Paxos – Antipaxos excursion has also the option to be a half day cruise, during which we only approach the island of Antipaxos for swimming and lunch on morning time (10.30 am to 15.30 pm) and for swimming and cocktail with snacks for the sunset (16.00 pm to sunset).Cost 600e

Prices are up to 6 persons and there is extra charging for more (up to 10) passengers.

Eclipse sailing reserves the right to change or modify the route of the scheduled cruise, or to cancel it, due to inclement weather or for reasons it deems that they should not ensure safety for the passengers.